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With respect to Telecommunications our expert knowledge covers the full range of network technology from "line switched networks" (e.g. PSTN or ISDN) to "packet switched networks" (e.g. IP-based networks, Internet) and from "mobile networks" to "fixed networks".

In detail, we offer substantiated knowledge with respect to the terminal side as well as the network side, i.e. the different switching systems (analogue or digital, central office exchange, private branch exchange (PBX)) , the different signalling systems (e.g. SS7), the various data transmissions (e.g. Voice over IP, VoIP), the respective protocols (e.g. SIP) and the corresponding telecommunication standards.

In particular, our patent attorneys have sound knowledge of so called "Next Generation Networks"”(NGN) and "Intelligent Networks" (IN) including their heterogeneous architectures, respective protocols and specific issues (e.g. QoS). Thus, our qualified advice covers not only the legal aspects of Intellectual Property but also the specific technical issues in the field of Telecommunications.

Concerning "mobile networks" we are familiar with all relevant standards used in this field, e.g. DECT, GSM, UMTS, LTE, Bluetooth, WLAN, etc. and, in particular, we have detailed knowledge of both the exchange side and the terminal side. As a matter of course, the various specific regulations in this area, i.e. 3GPP (3rd Partnership Project), CAMEL ( Customized Applications for Mobile networks Enhanced Logic), IEEE 802.11 etc., constitute background knowledge of our attorneys.

Also in the field of "fixed networks" we provide detailed expertise on analogue and digital transmission systems. Thus, our understanding covers all relevant issues e.g. of modulation methods or speech coding algorithms (e.g. CELP) used in telecommunications and respective software related inventions. Thus, our law firm supports your company not only with substantiated legal advices in the field of Intellectual Property but provides also valuable advices on firm technical foundation.

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