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Photovoltaic and solar thermal expertise

Our essential knowledge in the field of photo voltaic results from the experience in the field of semiconductor technology. We have a detailed understanding of the physics of photo voltaic solar cells, especially silicon cells, thin film cells or of cells made of other materials. Furthermore, we have a specific knowledge of the technological processes that are used for the production of solar cells beginning with, for instance, the silicon production to the application of metallization.

Our expertise in circuitry allows us to understand the function of solar related electronic devices, for instance of inverters or of charge regulators for electrical batteries and to draft corresponding applications with excellent quality.

We also have a basic knowledge and practical experience in the field of thermal solar engineering resulting from a course for solar specialists that was held by the HWK (Chamber of Crafts) of Munich and Upper Bavaria. This course offered a basic insight in heating technology, collector construction and control systems for solar thermal applications. Furthermore, we annually attend conferences in the field of photovoltaic, for instance the PV Industry Forum.

The photo voltaic knowledge and the solar thermal knowledge are both relevant in advanced dual mode solar panels, i.e. in photovoltaic thermal collectors (PVT) or hybrid collectors, and in mixed applications.

We support innovative firms but also private inventors to profit from new developments in the field of alternative energies. Especially, we give advice on how the best protection can be reached, for instance for:
- Devices that consume less energy,
- Storages for energy,
- Measurement devices that measure the energy consumption, and
- Control devices and control strategies that consider changes of the grid.

Furthermore, we have a worldwide network of colleagues in other countries, for instance in the United States (US), Japan (JP), China (CN), Korea (KR), Taiwan (TW), Russia (RU), India (IN) and Malaysia (MY). Therefore, we can also take over the responsibility for the protection of the invention abroad.

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