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Software related inventions – computer implemented inventions (CII)

During the last ten years there have been changes in the European jurisprudence with regard to the protection of software related inventions. According to European jurisprudence features that are "non technical" are not considered in the evaluation of inventive step. This makes it harder to get protection for software related inventions.

Therefore it is now possible to achieve comparable or even better protection for software related inventions by filing national applications. According to German jurisprudence, there are for instance the following technical fields in which software protection is possible:
Another topic is the relation between software patents and open source software. Programmers often prefer open source and are against software patents. One reason is that they fear that they cannot program in a free way any more. Our opinion is that there may be a co-existence between open source software and software patents. It is reasonable to protect a pool of open source software also by patents. There may be patent licenses available for users of the open soft ware pool. In this way it is possible to protect the interests of the users of the software pool against the interests of users of other pools or against companies that are not a member of the software pool.

A second reason for not using software patents is that programmers think that the protection of software patents is too narrow or too much related to the specific application. But actually the protection of software by copyright law is very narrow and relates mainly to copying but not to reprogramming or changing of the program.

We have drafted patent applications for instance in the following areas:
Furthermore, we have special knowledge in the protection of:


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